We have established partnerships with producers throughout the Pacific region who have the ability to provide export markets with consistently high-quality products, and who are eco-friendly and support local people. 

Licensed enterprises are required to have systems in place to ensure that all policies and processes that may impact on quality are managed effectively and comply with internationally recognized, management standards.

The True Pacific Trade mark on a product provides distributors / retailers and consumers in the export market with assurance that the product has met quality requirements and is fit for purpose.

Some True Pacific products are available in selected stores, whilst others are being used as core ingredients in other products such as the Venui Vanilla Extract in Ginell's Vanilla Gelato and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

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We are keen to develop partnerships with retailers and distributors in New Zealand and Australia who are interested in partnering with our regional producers.  Register your interest below and we'll be in touch shortly to get the ball rolling

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