Nature's Way Cooperative Fiji Ltd

Sharing Fiji’s bounty with the world

Fiji’s small-scale farmers can share their sustainably-grown fresh tropical fruit and vegetables with the world, thanks to an ambitious and innovative enterprise based at Nadi Airport.

Established in 1995 to carry out quarantine treatments on Fijian fruit and vegetables, Nature’s Way Cooperative (NWC), is now a thriving agribusiness providing packaging, marketing and technical services to growers.

Initially a small enterprise handling just 30 tonnes of papaya each year, NWC now treats and packs about 1,200 tonnes of papaya, mango, breadfruit and eggplant annually. 

The industry-owned cooperative works in partnership with the public and private sectors, and receives additional funding from domestic and overseas agencies.

NWC works with farmers to improve their systems, ensuring their produce is of consistently high quality and meets overseas export standards.

In recent years crops have been affected by cyclones and floods, but the industry has managed to rebound. NWC chief executive Michael Finau-Brown says output since mid-2010 has been at, or near, record levels.

“There are clear signs the fruit and vegetable industry is expanding. We have numerous new exporters, our established exporters are growing and new plantations are in the planning stages,” he says.

Michael says NWC provides an important income source for many farmers, particularly those who have suffered due to the decline of the sugar industry, once Fiji’s primary agricultural export.

“The main beneficiaries are commercial exporters who employ large numbers of low income small-scale farmers as well as local men and women for sorting and grading.

“It’s a win-win for everybody,” he says

To increase the size and reach of Fiji’s fresh produce industry, NWC introduced a comprehensive outreach programme which it hopes will become a model for similar industries in Fiji and other Pacific Island nations.

Planning to double Fiji’s quarantine treatment capacity for fresh produce over a five year period, NWC has invested in infrastructure, systems and equipment. A new heat-treatment chamber and handling and grading equipment have increased capacity to about 1,200 tonnes per year. 

Looking ahead, NWC aims to help more small-scale farmers supply the export chain directly.

Michael says NWC’s activities will have important on-going social and economic benefits.

“Export horticulture is the fastest-growing area of Fiji’s farming sector and provides work and income for hundreds of local people. Our activities are also providing a useful template for other forms of agribusiness in Fiji and other Pacific countries,” he says.  

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